MIND Questions

New in our Portfolio. Ever wanted to start a site, blog with mind blowing, mind boggling, mind bending, mind teasing hard to answer Questions?


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Sole is the new wealth

In a rich world full of mass complexity, Sole is the name for the new wealth. It's hard to find time just for yourself. Even harder to go on Holiday all by yourself. And if you have the opportunity you don't want to join a Singles vacation.

That's where 'Sole' comes in.

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Lobyists or Lobbyers Domains

Lobbyists rule the WhiteHouse and the EU Parlememt. Think about all their lobby involving the Brexit. But they also lobby for energy, sports, domains, etc.. Locally and worldwide. Using lobbyists in a domainname is a hassle with the ..yists. And the BIN price for lobbyists.COM is 400.000 USD. .ORG and .NET 30.000 USD. .INFO is taken and being used.

Lobbyers is another word, which actually means the same a Lobbyists. So lobbying firms or institutions with lobbyers, why not using the alternative name?

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